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About Steve Messenbird

Life Coach and Managing Director Blue Turtle Coaching and Mentoring Services

I am passionate about supporting businesses and people as they go through change. 

With over 33 years experience in people leadership, I am an expert in creating unique, productive successful teams around the globe. I do this by concentrating on the individuals within a team by unlocking their full potential. I help reveal shared values and goals whilst putting in the strategies required to develop a "Dream Team".

Most recently I worked as Global Customer Service Director for a FTSE 100 company. During my tenure of 20 years I worked in many operational roles within this leisure business along with sales and marketing, strategic planning and budget management. In 2003 I took over a customer service team based in a small office in London of just 7 people taking around £3.9 million in pre booked sales. When I left the business in 2019 I had grown this part of the business to 4 separate global centers in, London, Sydney, Florida and Hamburg with a team of over 400 people taking over £57 million in pre booked sales. 

Creating effective, self managed teams was paramount to my success. Under my leadership each team was equipped to deliver a world class customer experience to our guests, whilst supporting the rest of the business by handling all customer interactions.

Before that I ran a chain of petrol stations which started my journey into leadership. I learned quickly that an effective, productive and happy team was the key to success. Creating a working environment of fun and recognition leads to a team of loyal and hard working individuals. 

My real life experiences have now led me to life as a coach where I can use my expertise and share my extensive knowledge to those that need it.

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Helping you create the "DREAM TEAM" that your business needs to exceed business targets and goals by working together whilst having fun.

  • Meet key stakeholders to align company values and goals

  • Individual investigation sessions

  • Team workshop - working together

  • Set team goals and actions

  • Follow up to measure success/follow up support

I was recently approached by a company concerned about a team of remote workers who were not working as a team. They were unproductive and lacked enthusiasm for the job. Before covid, this team was office based, productive, supported with very low attrition rates. After chatting to the individuals it became clear the team felt detached and undervalued. 

Working with the management team we introduced some very simple working practices which were welcomed by the remote team.

This team is now working together amazingly well.  

- Productivity is up 15%

- Attrition is zero

- Staff engagement scores are up 22%



Never too old to learn and progress

What is your next role? Are you ready for your next role? We can get you back on track by identifying your values, goals and the strategies needed to succeed in life. 

  • Take you on your career journey

  • Identify who you are

  • Identify your key skills

  • Where can your skills take you next?

  • Design a CV that fits your skills and values

  • Target potential employers

There has never been a better time to get your CV written in a way that potential employees will read it.

With so many people going for the same role it is crucial your CV stands out from the rest.

I am working with many people to do just that.

Before writing CV it is imperative you identify your key strengths and align with your own values.

I work with people to help unlock those values, identify your dream job role and instigate a plan that plugs the gaps needed to help fulfill those dreams.



Achieve your dreams

Unlock your full potential by discovering who you are, discover your values and achieve your life goals.

  • Discover who you are - personality profiling

  • Celebrate successes and achievements

  • Unlock your values and goals

  • Set a plan for your dream future

  • Get ongoing support throughout the process 

Has your confidence been hit? Are you feeling overwhelmed about the future? A few months ago, did your future look bright but now looking bleak?

Well you are not alone. Over the past 6 months many thousands of people have had their lives turned upside down. Changes in life, whatever they are, can have a devastating effect on the way we feel. A sense of feeling useless, undervalued or just appearing to have no light at the end of the tunnel. All these underlying feeling result in a total lack of confidence.

I am a great believer that confidence is not on the outside of us, but on the inside. It is a state of mind. Understanding your state of mind is key to getting your confidence back.

Building your confidence is so important. Yes, life changes, but we must all stay positive and start planning our futures.

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Steve is unique in his coaching and mentoring skills. This uniqueness arises from a rare combination of vast business and operational experience, coupled with an unparalleled positive approach to solving complex business problems and his absolute support for ensuring people work to their full potential. He has led and shaped different teams, across all business levels (including at board level) and the key to his success has been in helping these teams work more effectively with problems confronted and addressed, that they become a strong single team where everyone knows their roles and the individuals feel they can deliver fully and be valued for their contribution. He always brings every programme back to a customer and commercial focus so that the end solution delivers excellent business results. Lastly he is the best example of positive energy I know and this is something that soon rubs off on all the people who work with him. Add all that up and that’s what makes him unique

Andy Davies


I worked with Steve for 3 years when he first realised his passion for coaching . What stood out then in those early days  is what drives him is his genuine interest in the person and supporting them understand themselves better and revel in their own greatness. He remains a close friend who I know I could pick the phone up to if I need advice .

Emma Woods


I have known Steve for over 10 years now and have huge respect for the way he has led and managed his teams through good times and bad. He is a real role model for a motivational leader and is always able to see the positive (and usually humorous) side to every story.

You can’t leave a meeting with Steve without feeling more uplifted or energetic - which is a wonderful quality.  If anyone has any issues, whether in business or just in life, I would recommend spending time with Steve to sort them out and put them in perspective!”.

Jon Fish

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